haxx by Callum Lerwick, aka "Seg"

Welcome to my personal vanity domain, wherein things occasionally get haxxed.

Stuff haxxed:

Web Apps

Back in the day, in the dark ages of 2001 I wrote a Linux-Apache-PostgreSQL-PHP web app to make fun of terrible web comics. I no longer have a server up to run it on.

Hey check this out, HTML5 canvas is pretty cool.

Belkin F5D7230-4

I wrote firmware from scratch for the low-cost Belkin F5D7230-4. This was a feat because it only had 2mb flash space. There was no open source firmware that fit in 2mb at the time. (2006) I pulled it off by writing most of it in ash script. I even had room to include Zork I. This firmware was rock solid, and served me well for 6 years, when it was finally replaced with a Linksys E4200 for no good reason.

Second Life

As part of a failed effort to get the Second Life client into Fedora when it went open source in 2007, I wrote an initial patch for OpenAL support as an alternative to the proprietary fmod library. This work was accepted by Linden Lab. (Annoyingly you need an SL login to get into their bug tracker.)

Fun fact: The doppler problem turned out to be a stupid bug in the now defunct OpenAL SI implementation, fixed by switching to OpenAL Soft.

As part of the Second Life effort, I also did a lot of cleanup and optimization to the OpenJPEG codec, as it is performance critical for the SL client. This sharpened my C skills quite a bit in the process. OpenJPEG was recently adopted as the reference software for the JPEG 2000 Part 1 standard (aka Rec. ITU-T T.800 | ISO/IEC 15444-1)

TomTom ONE V2

I purchased a TomTom for cheap and hacked the hell out of it, ultimately culminating in making it run Java MIDP applets. Just in time for it to be obsoleted by my first Android phone. Detailed blog post here.


Looking to save power, I got Fedora running on a Pogoplug Pro as a file server.

After an unfortunate incident with a space heater, the Pogoplug Pro was replaced with a Pogoplug Series 4 also running Fedora.

After my Linksys E4200 died, I replaced it with a Netgear WNDR4300, running OpenWRT compiled straight out of the dev tree because support for the WNDR4300 is not in stable yet. Livin' on the edge. The WNDR4300 has similar specs to the Pogoplug, so the Pogoplug was retired and now the router handles file server duty. One less box running!


I have recently taken up hobby electronics, I built a lab out of broken stuff.

I lit the dashboard of my wife's truck with Shiftbrites.


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